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Container Transport, Container
Storage and Container Hire

Our Services

Container Transport, Container
Storage and Container Hire

We’re the experts at container transport in Cairns, with a modern fleet, including side loaders/swing lifts.

We move containers ranging in size from 6 to 48 feet, and we can arrange to store your freight if there’s a delay between pick-up and delivery.

We also hire containers on short or long-term contracts, if that works better for you.

Our container transport service includes comprehensive insurance, flexible delivery hours, direct driver contact and fast door-to-door service. And our drivers are experts at tricky site access.

In fact, we’ve got container transport covered.

Heavy and Oversized Loads

When we say we help our customers move house, we’re not talking about the furniture. We’re talking about the house.

We’ve hauled demountable buildings, house modules and relocators. We’ve moved boats, construction materials and machinery, and even a plane.

Our drivers are experienced and skilled in all aspects of heavy and wide load transport. Our vehicles are accredited for oversized haulage and our operational staff handle the logistics like the pro you need. 

If required, we also offer Pilot Escort Services for oversized loads.

Hot Shot Freight

Sometimes it’s a matter of commercial life and death to get a mechanical component delivered across town in an hour. If you’ve got something that needs to be somewhere in a hurry, give us a call.

Or it might be a huge load that needs to be driven through the night to get to its destination hundreds of kilometres away the next day.

Nothing is too small, too large, or seemingly unimportant for us to drop everything to hotshot your freight to its destination.

Dangerous Goods Transport

Q Co Transport is a fully licensed dangerous goods transport company, which means we comply with relevant regulations that ensure goods are delivered without risk to your company, our drivers and other road users.

We’re licensed to handle flammable liquids and solids, corrosives, gases, dangerous goods and even radioactive material. If you’ve got any concerns about the goods you want hauled, give us a call.

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